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Cricket is a competitive sport held in Terms 1 and 4 for both girls and boys from Year 4 to Year 7.  Kanga Cricket is a competitive sport held in Terms 1 and 4 for both girls and boys from Year 2 to Year 4.

School cricket operates under the supervision of the South Australian Cricket Association (SACA) and falls within the Sturt District Cricket Club (SDCC) region.
Matches are played on Saturday mornings.  Kanga games are always played at Blackwood Primary School on the back oval, near the railway line.  A, B and C grade games are played at various local school venues.  Coaches will advise match times.  Match programming is organised by SDCC.
Practice sessions are held weekly during the season and are different for each grade.  They are organised by team coaches.  These sessions are skills based, with the intent of improving the players performance.
There are four different grades of competition A, B, C and Kanga.  Rules are modified for each grade.   Cricket has the following team eligibility criteria:
Year 7                         A grade
Year 6                         B grade or A grade
Year 5                         C grade or B grade
Year 4                         C grade or Kanga
Year 3                         Kanga
Year 2                         Kanga
Whilst adhering to the cricket team eligibility criteria, teams will be selected taking into account all of the Craigburn Primary School Sports Organisation Team Selection Guidelines.  Year 4s, 5s and 6s may be selected for one of two grades, depending on the number of registered players, and might not all be in the same grade.  The Cricket Coaches Committee, comprised of all cricket coaches and cricket coordinator, will manage team selection following player registration.  Ideally teams will have between 8 to 12 players.
The Cricket Organising Committee is comprised of a representative parent or guardian from each team and the Cricket Coordinator.  This committee is responsible for organising social and fundraising activities, trophy presentations and to promote cricket within the school community.  A presentation event will be held at the end of the season.
Uniform:  A, B, C Grades to wear a blue school polo shirt, white long pants, and a hat. Kanga players to wear navy blue school shorts, blue school polo shirt and a hat.

Cricket - Years 4 to 7    $75 per year

Kanga - Years 2 to 3     $45 per year
SAPSASA: Students who are ten years or older are offered the opportunity to try out for the SAPSASA District team.  Coaches will be asked to nominate players with the necessary ability and experience, to play for the District.


Trish Francis

Cricket Coordinator 2015

Mobile  0447 677 615