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Home Learning

Pedal Prix

Pedal Prix is a three event series for single seat wheeled Human Powered Vehicles (HPV). 

The HPV series provides an environment in which young people can demonstrate innovation, risk taking, collaborative learning, confidence, appreciation and behaviour appropriate to the spirit of the event.

Year 6/7 students are able to nominate an expression of interest for participation in a school team. A requirement is that parents / caregivers support the program.


Intervention and Support


Student Support Services - Special Needs
In addition to providing specialist staff support for some areas of study, students are given additional support where required which includes Special Needs Program, Literacy Intervention Support Program (LISP), Negotiated Education Plans and Learning Pals Program. There is an emphasis on early assistance for students who require additional support in the first few years of schooling. Teachers regularly assess students using diagnostic assessment tools to assist them in this area. Parents are informed if their child requires extra assistance and are invited to attend planning meetings.

Literacy Intervention Support Program (LISP)
This is a multi-sensory and structured program designed for Year 1 and 2 students who are ‘at risk’ of slipping behind the class normal developmental rate in literacy.  
The program is designed in consultation with the classroom teacher, special education coordinator and school support officer, so that the individual needs of students are met.   Students are given intensive one-to-one tuition for two sessions per week over a period of 10-12 weeks. Through this intervention program students gain confidence, increase their self-esteem and skills and strategies in reading and writing.

Negotiated Education Plans (NEPs)
Students identified by Guidance Officers or Speech pathologists as having a physical, intellectual or sensory impairment and/or disability in communication and language may be required to be on a Negotiated Education Plan (NEP).
Significant support is required in order for them to benefit from their learning experiences at school.  Students are withdrawn in a one-to-one situation to work on a specific program. This program has been specially designed after a process of discussions and decision making on curriculum priorities by support staff and teachers.
Differentiation / Catering for High Achievers
Staff at Craigburn are committed to supporting all students achieve their highest possible learning outcomes. Teachers extend high achieving students through offering a rich and challenging curriculum, by utilising higher order thinking skills and also encouraging creativity. As well, students have the opportunity to expand their skills in providing leadership or supporting others with their learning. Differentiating the curriculum through extension activities and encouraging extra-curricular involvement is also important.

21st Century Learning

Craigburn has adopted a model of 21st Century Learning which guides teachers to focus on the specific skills that students need to develop and acquire as they progress through their years of schooling.

These 21st Century Learning Skills are described as:

  • Learning and Innovation Skills
  • Information, Media and Technology Skills
  • Life and Career Skills

Teachers work to embed these skills within the core curriculum and through 21st century themes of: Global Awareness, Financial, Civic and Health Literacies.



Physical Education

At Craigburn all classes participate in daily fitness activities & other aspects of the PE curriculum, including games, dance, gymnastics and swimming/aquatics. 

A specialist PE teacher works in the school.


Students in Years 6 & 7, and in some cases Year 5, have the opportunity to participate in a variety of SAPSASA sports as part of school based teams or via District representation. 

This involvement is over and above the required classroom curriculum and is seen as an extra curricula activity. 

All students are encouraged to participate in some form throughout the course of the year.

Students who participate in SAPSASA events represent Craigburn Primary School.  For this reason, students must be able to demonstrate an acceptable standard of behaviour during normal school times in order to be given the honour of representing the school.



Digital Technologies


The use of digital technologies at Craigburn reflects and supports our focus on the needs of 21st Century learners.

Teachers aim to integrate information communication technologies (ICTs) into the curriculum and their teaching practices.

Teachers are increasingly using ICTs to motivate and engage students in their learning through more varied approaches and resources, leading interactive and personalised learning experiences.

Students and teachers have access to contemporary ICT tools including interactive whiteboards and desktop / laptop computers (dual operating systems, Apple Mac and Windows PC).

A Bring Your Own iPad Program has been introduced where families are able to provide their child with a family owned iPad to bring to school for their learning.

This program enables students and teachers to use rich digital resources to enhance and transform their learnng experiences.

A wireless network provides valuable internet access to all learning spaces / classrooms. The development and acquisition of ICT capabilities as described in the Australian Curriculum is a focus.

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