School Payments

School payments can be made in the following ways:


Payments through Qkr! app

Payment Instructions


In person / phone payments
cash,cheque,credit card,EFTPOS
Note: phone payments are Visa/Mastercard only
Payments via Instalments
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Student Voice and Wellbeing

Craigburn Primary School promotes a safe, caring and orderly learning environment in which the rights of students to learn and teachers to teach are supported and protected. School routines and expectations need to be clearly understood and reinforced by teachers, students and parents. We focus on promoting and recognising appropriate behaviour and are committed to providing students with a sequential consequence system for their behaviour in the classroom and in the school yard. Promotion of a safe play and learning environment is a shared responsibility between home and school. Our policy is supported by the DECD policy and guidelines.

Bullying and Harassment
At Craigburn every person has a right to feel safe. Any person who bullies another is denying them that right. To ignore bullying behaviour is to condone the actions of bullies by tacit approval and undermines a personís right to feel safe. Bullying, harassment, violence and discrimination are harmful to both victims and perpetrators. To counteract and minimise the incidence of Bullying the school's behaviour code sets out rules, consequences and strategies to be used when children behave inappropriately.

Pastoral Care Worker
A Pastoral Care Worker (PCW) is appointed to our school and works part time across the week. The role of the (PCW) is to provide an additional support link to students, families and staff as appropriate and also to link the school with local community activities.