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School payments can be made in the following ways:


Payments through Qkr! app

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In person / phone payments
cash,cheque,credit card,EFTPOS
Note: phone payments are Visa/Mastercard only
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Home Policies Behaviour
Behaviour Code
At Craigburn School we value caring, self-worth and responsibility, where all students have the right to learn and play in a safe, orderly environment. We are committed to:
  • Teaching and modelling the necessary social skills, attitudes and strategies essential for active participation in a democratic society.
  • Empowering students to develop and apply these skills and strategies to manage their own behaviours.
  • Providing students with fair and consistent consequences for their behaviour based around restorative justice.

To assist in providing a safe and supportive environment the school routines and expectations need to be clearly understood and reinforced by staff, students and parents.  Promotion of a safe play/learning environment is a shared responsibility and requires a whole school approach.

The school community is bound by the school's policy, which operates within DECD policy and guidelines

School Rules - At Craigburn we are responsible for showing care and respect for:
  • Ourselves and others
  • Property and the environment
  • Creating a safe learning and play environment
A Craigburn student will demonstrate the following habits of mind necessary for getting along:
  • Think before they act
  • Show tolerance
  • Play by the rules
Students are expected to model appropriate school behaviour at all times but especially when involved in special in school activities, on excursions or camps, and when representing the school, District or DECD in various sporting and academic activities.
All members of the school community are responsible for ensuring that the Code of Behaviour is implemented, however, there are individual responsibilities, which must be undertaken.
In order to assist students to take responsibility for their behaviour and to give them a sense of control, we teach students a Formula for dealing with the inappropriate behaviour of others. If someone is bothering you:
  • Tell them to stop and why
  • Warn them if they continue, you will go to the teacher
  • Go to the teacher on duty
  • Teachers ask students if The Formula has been used and follow up through with support as required
When a student has displayed an inability/unwillingness to contribute to a safe, caring class or play environment, the class teacher or member of the leadership team will contact parents to further discuss the inappropriate behaviour. Outside agencies may be accessed if appropriate.