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Uniform and Student Dress Code


In State schools in South Australia the wearing of a uniform is a decision of the Governing Council. The Craigburn Primary School Governing Council supports and recommends that all students wear uniform.  Our code is based on DECD guidelines. 
General Information
Parents of Craigburn Primary School positively endorse the wearing of a school uniform / dress code.
A Dress Code provides a common ground for all parents and students, eliminates possible conflict over what to wear or buy and assists in the prevention of discrimination based on dress.
Elements of the Dress Code are also incorporated for reasons of safety (e.g. no dangling earrings) and respectability. The Dress Code is designed to provide some flexibility and appeal for our school, the students and their parents.
Students representing their school on excursions, in school photographs and at sporting events are expected to adopt the Dress Code.
It is preferred that all shirts, windcheaters etc. have the school logo on the upper left hand side.  Iron-on logos can be purchased from the School Cash Office.
For reasons of respectability and to be Sun Smart, girls are not permitted to wear tops that show their midriff or stomach, or short shorts. Chunky shoes or ones with heels are not permitted.
Jeans are not part of the dress code for either boys or girls. Bike shorts and netball skirts are not part of our daily school uniform, however, bike shorts may be worn under a school dress/skirt. Basketball style mesh shorts are not part of our daily school uniform.
As we are a recognised Sun Smart School, all students are required to wear a Legionnaire or broad brimmed hat (Navy blue) at all times, during any outdoor activities and at recess and lunch time (except during the months of June, July and August).
Hair ties, scrunchies etc. are to be in school coloursColoured hair spray is only to be worn on sports day or for special school events.
 Girls Dress Code
Dress - Blue/White/Yellow check material – Cleolene 8268
Skirts/Pinafore -Navy Gaberdine or Navy blue check material Cleoron 9009
Shorts – Navy blue
Skivvy – Navy Blue or Gold
Polo Shirt (Long or short sleeve) –
Blue or Gold
Windcheater (Fleecy) - Navy Blue or Gold
Cardigan / Jacket (Fleecy) –Navy Nlue
Long Pants (Gaberdine, Track & Field, boot leg) - Navy Blue
Track Pants (Fleecy or parachute) – Navy Blue
Socks -  Navy Blue or white
Tights -  Navy Bllue
Shoes -  Shoes or sandals (sneakers are fine
Boys Dress Code
Polo Shirt (Long or short sleeve) - Navy Blue or Gold
Skivvy - Navy Blue or Gold
Windcheater (Fleecy) - Navy Blue or Gold
Shorts - Navy blue
Track Pants (Fleecy or parachute) –
Navy Blue
Long Pants (Gaberdine or Track and Field) Navy Blue
Socks - Navy Blue or White
Shoes - Shoes or sandals (sneakers are fine)
Make-up and nail polish are not to be worn to school.
Earrings can be worn – either one stud or one sleeper in each ear. 
Multiple or dangling earrings are not permitted, for safety reasons.
One thin chain can be worn around the neck or wrist. Thick chunky ones with tags or large attachments are not permitted.
Watches are appropriate to wear.
Uniform Availability
Generic windcheaters, pants, shorts  etc. can be obtained from Target, Big W, Kmart etc.
Uniform Supplier
The school’s preferred uniform supplier is DLC Adelaide Pty Ltd. The preferred method is online ordering and there are sample sizes of uniform items available in the schools second hand uniform shop adjacent to the main hall. Current opening times are available from the Front Office or displayed on the shop door.
Orders are delivered to school for collection (free deivery) or sent direct to your home for standard postage fees.
Orders are made online via the online store or by collecting and completing a form at the Front Office.
Front office on the uniform display board. Families are also able to place completed orders in the secure box at the Front Office.
Please complete your order clearly and fully and note that any queries regarding your order must be directed to the staff at DLC, as the school’s Front Office staff will not be able to assist with queries regarding ordering, deliveries or returns/exchanges. 
The DLC Adelaide Pty Ltd can be contacted
Please note DLC are transitioning to a new website.
Notes on Sizing:
DLC have supplied a range of samples to the school for families to try for sizing prior to ordering (or you can visit the shop)  – these can be accessed at the second hand uniform shop during their opening hours which are displayed on the shop door.
Notes on Delivery:
If you would like your order delivered to school for your collection please write ‘to school’ in the ‘Delivery Address’ field.  There are no postage charges for deliveries to the school.
Orders will be delivered to school and given to the child via their class teacher.
If you are having your order delivered to home and are unsure of the postage cost please call DLC to confirm and add to your order before sending it in.
Other Uniform Items
School bags, iron on logos and hats are available direct from the school at the cashier’s office window.
Second Hand Uniform Shop - Opening Hours
Tuesday 2.45pm - 3.15pm
Wednesday 8.40am - 9.15am