All staff members at Craigburn work collaboratively within the ethos of a professional learning community to provide a quality educational experience for students and families.
Leadership Team
The Leadership Team in 2022 consists of the Principal, Deputy Principal and Student Wellbeing Leader and 2 Coordinators.

The Principal provides overall leadership of the school.

The Deputy Principal provides leadership specifically in student support and intervention and acts on behalf of the Principal.

The Student Wellbeing Leader provides support to students and service to parents, carers and students along with assistance to teachers in the development of learning and wellbeing programs, especially for students with learning difficulties and social emotional needs.

The Coordinators support our site improvement plan and curriculum development priorities focused on high impact learning strategies and evidence-based learning practices.

Teaching Teams
Classes are organised into year level teams to promote collaboration and connection with the aim to achieve consistency and continuity of learning for students.
Specialist Teams
The Specialist Teams provide a high level of expertise to classroom teaching and learning.

Our Physical Education teacher provides an extensive range of sports, skill development lessons and facilitates opportunities for students to participate in Sapsasa school sports programs.

Our Arts Teachers are responsible for Music, Performing Arts and Visual Arts programs including the school’s choir who participate in the annual Festival of Music program.

School Service Officers
Learning School Service Officers provide class support and intervention for students with specific learning, physical or social difficulties. They operate under the direct guidance of theDeputy Principal and class teacher.

Our Pastoral Care Worker provides pastoral support, resource and referral options to students, staff and families. This support comes in many forms, including meeting with students to listen and support and upporting students in the classroom.

Our Administration team provides reception, administrative and financial support and resource centre management to the school. The team also attends to student services needs including first aid and illness.