Today, students visited their new classes for 2023, meeting with their new teacher/s and classmates to make new connections and build relationships. Teachers have provided a welcome letter for students / families to take home.

Supporting Your Child

We ask parents and caregivers to have a positive and supportive conversation with your child regarding their new class. It is common for children to come home from a transition visit with a range of emotions. In most cases, children will come home excited as they have met their new teacher/s and class, whilst in some cases, it is natural for children to come home feeling upset or worried about their placement.

Please reassure your child that their current teacher/s, and school leaders have considered the best placement for their learning and wellbeing. Encourage them to speak with their class teacher the following day who will also provide reassurance.

Please know that your child/ren will adjust to their new learning environment and make new friends. Students generally adapt to their new class quickly. As the new school year commences we encourage students, teachers and parents to establish positive relationships.

Please note

  • Placements in classes are final. We will not be in a position to move students. Moving a student from one class to another inevitably changes the environment of multiple class groupings and for this reason, we are unable to move students.
  • Our teaching and leadership staff have worked carefully and sensitively over many weeks to place students into classes for 2023. We respectfully ask that parents/caregivers support this outcome.

Staffing Update

We welcome the following teachers to Craigburn for 2023.

  • Crystal Thanawathik, joins us in an ongoing position having previously taught at Angle Vale.
  • Judy Beal, joins us for 12 months, providing a specialist role in Science and Technologies.

Teachers on Leave in 2023

  • Sarah Jackson – full year
  • Pearl Somerset – full year

We retain the services of the following teachers who will be continuing in contract positions for 2023:

  • Pip Tonkin, Brooke Hamden, Jodie Fischer, Tristan Fergusson, Sophie McDonald and Jimmy Marin.

We farewell the following teachers and support staff who have been with us for one or more years and move on to other positions / roles. We thank them for their excellent service at Craigburn and wish them all the best for their future endeavours.

  • Teachers: Sonia Caruso, Casey Turner, Nardene Manna and Janita Bentley
  • SSOs: Aileen Nagy – retired

Teaching Staff List for 2023 – including class structures and locations

  • Reception – D21 – Tahlia Woolford
  • Reception – D22 – Genna Dow
  • Year 1 – E23 – Crystal Thanawathik
  • Year 1 – E24 – Sophie McDonald 0.6 (M,T,W), Adriana Mezic 0.4 (Th,F)
  • Year 1 – E25 – Pip Tonkin
  • Year 2 – A1 – Brooke Hamden 0.6 (MTW) Emma Bower 0.4 (Th,F)
  • Year 2 – A3 – Anita Wright 0.6 (M,T,W) Karen Prideaux 0.4 (Th,F)
  • Year 2 – A4 –  Lisa Sporn
  • Year 3 – C14 – Chantelle McMahon 0.6 (M,T,W), Sophie McDonald 0.4 (Th,F)
  • Year 3 – C15 – Veronica Khalaf
  • Year 3/4 – C17 – Renae Humphrys
  • Year 4 – C16 – Rebecca Hepworth
  • Year 5 – B8 – Jodie Fischer
  • Year 5 – B9 – Steven Webster
  • Year 6 – B11 – Andrea Grant
  • Year 6 – B12 – Mark Lemmey
  • Year 6 – B13 – Tristan Fergusson

Specialist Teachers / Leadership

  • German – D18 – Carly Smith 0.8
  • PE – Karen Pettman 0.6 (T,Th,F) – Gym / Courts / Oval
  • Performing Arts – F26/27 – Jimmy Marin 0.7
  • Science / Technologies – A7 – Judy Beal 1.0
  • Karen Prideaux EALD – 0.1, NIT 0.1
  • 2 x Coordinators each, one day / week – to be confirmed
  • Janine Mackay – Student Wellbeing Leader
  • Nicky Taylor – Deputy Principal
  • Paul Luke – Principal